1-2 GPM - Water Treatment & Conditioning System

1-2 GPM - Water Treatment & Conditioning System


Filters are interchangeable allowing you to meet your specific water
treatment needs at all times.

Must specify filters preference upon placement of purchase order

  • Sediment 5-10 Micron: Pleated Washable and reusable for sediment reduction/removal
  • Resin Filter: Water softening resin filter
  • GAC: Granulated activated carbon for taste, odor, organic chemicals and chlorine reduction/removal.
  • GAC/KDF-55: Granulated activated carbon with KDF-55, specially formulated copper/zinc alloy media designed to remove chlorine, lead, volatile organic chemicals,hydrogen sulfide, sulfur, h erbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizer residues and trihalomethanes

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Please call us at (800) 728-3420 if you need help determining the appropriate system for your application.