200 GPM - All-In-One SMD Treatment & Conditioning

200 GPM - All-In-One SMD Treatment & Conditioning

SKU : TWT-SMD-1009/4

• 4-Filter Housings • Stage Filtration
• TWT® Deposit Control Technology
• Ultra Violet Disinfection & Purification
Seven UV Lamps Required
Piping: 3" In/Out of system

Factory assembled and skid mounted on
stainless steel skid. 3" line in/out of system.
Filter medium and micronic sizes used in staged
filter housings are configured as illustrated.
Other filter medium andmicronic sizes are
available and are based upon input water quality
and customer and/or industry specific treatment
requirements (medium TBT). Micronic sizes of
filters are generally 20, 30, 50 microns, unless
otherwise specified.

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