About Us

The Short Story…
Water gets dirty.  We clean it!

The Long Story…
If you look back in history, not so long ago in fact, the environment was pure.  The abundance of fresh clean water, combined with the natural cycles of evaporation, purification (through ultraviolet found in the sun’s rays), deionization (through thunderstorm activity) and precipitation, regularly returned fresh water to the earths’ surface in the form of pristine rainfall, maintaining the integrity of our planet’s water supply for eons.  Once the atmospheric process of disinfection and purification was complete, that same clean water was drawn by the earths’ gravity deep into aquifers miles underground.  Then the geothermal process forced that same water up to the surface, squeezing the water through layers of rock and sediment, filtering out all of the remaining impurities, replacing them with all of the vitalizing minerals required to sustain life.  Unfortunately, things have changed.  The earth is no longer the pure place it once was.

Do you know what is in our water?
Over the past 200 years, the rapid expansion of human population, coupled with process of agricultural development and industrialization, has upset the natural balance that kept out earths’ water supply safe for all living beings.  Today we face many threats, from industrial dumping and agricultural runoff to residential pollution and acid rain.  The toxic cocktail of harmful chemicals found in the atmosphere, our reservoirs, wells and aquifers is truly alarming.  A simple water test can uncover an array of harmful chemicals such as asbestos, lead, arsenic, cyanide, dioxins, pcb’s and DDT.

The chemical threat, coupled with potentially lethal biohazards like ecoli, giardia, schegella, hepatitis and other water borne pathogens have made it mandatory for health conscious consumers to take the matter of water treatment into their own hands.  The sad fact of the matter is this, the water found in nature is no longer safe to use or drink without proper treatment.  Given the stark reality of the situation, there is only one question remaining.  How long are you willing to wait to contain this threat?  And, when you do get around to taking control over the quality of you water, will you and your family be safe, or will it be too late?  The clock is ticking and the choice is yours.

TWT products and systems provide technologically advanced methods for water and fluid management that are both efficient and cost-effective.  Components and subsystems chosen from across the range of treatment methods can be combined in different configurations to provide custom solutions specific to GPM requirements and to any industry site or application.  TWT systems work to consistently deliver high quality water, reduce scale and bio-fouling in plumbing systems, and to increase efficiency of both once-through and re-circulating HVAC, process cooling, agriculture, industry processing, waste water and other fluid based systems.  Each product line offers a variety of both standalone and comprehensive treatment solutions for end-to-end fluid management, for all types of applications.