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Filtration can be done either at the point-of-entry or at the point-of-use (shower, counter-top, under counter) and greatly improves the taste, smell and quality of the water.

Deposit control is generally implemented at the point of entry and stops the accumulation of scale in pipes, fixtures and appliances "downstream." A deposit controller can be used alone in many applications, but should be used in conjunction with a reaction chamber when applied to pipes made of magnetic materials or with a signal enhancer when applied to copper pipes.
- Chemical-Free Deposit Control Technology Product Sheet

Disinfection is used to eliminate bacteria from the water supply.  Three of the most common forms of disinfection and purification include ultraviolet, ozone and ionization.
- High Volume UV Water Disinfection & Purification
- Ultraviolet Product Sheet
- UV System Tech Support File
- UV-5007 Ultra Violet Water Purification System

Multiprocess solutions combine processes for prebuilt end-to-end solutions. 
- All-In-One Multiprocess Water Filtration, Conditioning and Purification Modular Treatment Units