Deposit Control

At we feel the simplest way to choose a system depends on your personal situation. Home/office owners with well water have different water treatment requirements than users who rent an apartment in a city. People with municipal water may choose to rely on a scaled down system that meets their current needs, while people drinking untreated ground or surface water need to fully account for all aspects of water treatment in order to guarantee the purity if their water.

To ensure the greatest level of satisfaction in your work with the TWTWaterTreatment Products & Systems:
  • Know the performance capabilities and technical limitations of all products and systems to guarantee the proper installation application and treatment solutions.
  • Manage Expectations: Verify the purchase order product/system application, installation and performance needs.

Take these steps before placing your purchase order: Deposit Control Systems:
  1. Verify the pipes/tubes to be treated in your systems, i.e., diameter of pipe or Tube (1", 2", 3",etc.) pipe material – copper, PVC, steel, ductile iron, glass, rubber, etc.
  2. Verify that you have chosen the correct location and application method, i.e., determine reaction zones, onsite solenoid wrap, Copper Pipe Signal Enhancer, Reaction Chamber, etc.
  3. Verify that you have determined the appropriate Deposit Controller based on water quality review, system to be treated (process review); check your installation & technical guidelines on TWT website for additional information.
  4. If any upgrades/ changes are requested, it must be noted on your purchase order, e.g.,voltage source changes (110/240 etc.), Deposit Controller upgrades and reason for upgrade additional wire & type of wire (Teflon, etc.), Reaction Chamber construction material e.g., Schedule 40/80 PVC, etc.
  5. When using TWT Deposit Control Systems in conjunction with or integrated within other TWT or non TWT treatment technologies and systems be certain to verify the performance capabilities and technical limitations of all system components. Filtration, Ultraviolet, Pool Systems and Integrated Systems:
  1. Before purchasing TWT filtration, ultraviolet, Pool & Spa systems and/or TWT integrated systems, be certain to verify the specific application, installation and performance capabilities of these products and systems.
    • The levels of chemical-biological contaminants found in your personal water source (municipal or well water) as revealed in an independent water quality test. Know what’s in your water!
    • The water treatment requirements dictated by the base water quality and environmental factors found in your geographic area.
    • The optimum amount of water measured in gallons per minute (GPM) necessary to satisfy your peak usage. Facilities with wells call your installer for GPM information.
  2. TWT Inc. recommends that all filtration, ultraviolet and TWT integrated systems, be sold and/or purchased with an initial supply of replacement products e.g., replacement filters, UV lamps etc. This will insure uninterrupted service and treatment.
E-mail customer service if you need to verify your product

Review the TWT, Inc. website for additional technical support, if needed.