TWT Water Treatment products can be used in a variety of places throughout your home.

Filtration ProductsFiltration can be done either at the point-of-entry or at the point-of-use (shower, counter-top, under counter) and greatly improves the taste, smell and quality of the water. Iron removal filters deal specifically with staining problems, whereas filter sets are particularly helpful dealing with taste or odor issues.

Deposit Control ProductsDeposit control is generally implemented at the point of entry and stops the accumulation of scale in pipes, fixtures and appliances "downstream."  A deposit controller can be used alone in many applications, but should be used in conjunction with a reaction chamber when applied to pipes made of magnetic materials or with a signal enhancer when applied to copper pipes.

UV Disinfection ProductsDisinfection is used to eliminate bacteria from the water supply and can be performed either at the point-of-use or the point-of-entry.  Residential disinfection and purification is usually accomplished using ultraviolet technology due to the ease of implementation.

All-In-One SolutionsMultiprocess systems combine processes for prebuilt end-to-end solutions for a variety of situations.

For pools and spas an ionization system will reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals.