How to Choose

The first step to effective water treatment is knowing what's in your water, which is best accomplished with a water report. This allows you to diagnose your situation as a whole and install a water treatment system that fulfills your individual requirements. You may however be trying to fix a specific problem, such as hard water or water with a rotten-egg odor.  In this case, check out our problems/solutions page for answers to common issues.

Once the issue is determined, it's on to treatment. The three main processes are:

Filtration - removes particulate matter and helps prevent undesirable tastes and odors.
Deposit Control - controls scale deposits and corrects hard water
Disinfection/Purification - kills bacteria

For something simple, like an under-counter filtration system or a shower filter head, navigate to the appropriate area and choose the product you prefer.  If you are looking for a whole house solution however, please take advantage of our free consulting so that we can determine the correct system for your needs.

If an end-to-end solution with simplified installation is what you're looking for, be sure to look at our preassembled multi-process systems.