Operational Efficiencies

Advanced, microprocessor-driven deposit control systems for residential, commercial and industrial environments.

Triangular Wave Technologies, Inc. products and systems provide technologically advanced methods for water and fluid management that are both efficient and cost-effective. Components and subsystems chosen from across the range of treatment methods can be combined in different configurations to provide custom solutions specific to any industry, site or application. TWT systems work to consistently deliver high quality water, reduce scale and biofouling in plumbing systems, and to increase efficiency of both once-through and re-circulating HVAC, process cooling, agriculture, industrial processing, wastewater and other fluid based systems. Each product line offers a variety of both standalone and comprehensive treatment solutions for end-to-end fluid management, for all types of applications. The Triangular Wave Deposit Control System uses a Current Source as the drive circuit to the pipe solenoid. A Current Source is the most reliable and strongest conditioning signal over a wide frequency range. Most waters have qualities that vary over time. Higher total dissolved solid concentration will cause greater impedance in the system. The TWT system, with a Current Source generator is able to sense the increased impedance and maintain the strong conditioning.

In effect, a clean, corrosion-free delivery system is restored and maintained in an environmentally safe and chemical-free manner. The result is clean pipes and tubing with no biofilm and reduced bacterial contamination.

Salt and chemical-free water conditioning for any application

Prevents Scale Build-Up
  • Scale particles in the water receive an enhanced surface charge that causes them to repel each other and from the walls of the equipment

Eliminates Toxic Chemicals
  • No recurring chemical expense
  • No handling and storage of hazardous chemicals on site
  • No chemical discharge

Reduces Corrosion
  • Reduces bio-corrosion by preventing the formation of bio-growth on vessel surfaces where bacteria can attack the metal
  • With higher concentration ratios and TDS, the pH will be higher and there will be much less tendency for corrosion
  • Prolongs life cycle of equipment
  • Increased cycles of concentration in cooling systems=significant water savings

Controls Algae and Bacteria
  • Bacteria and algae must attach to something before they can feed and reproduce. The Triangular Wave System keeps the bacteria, algae, and their food dispersed in the water, off of surfaces, and away from their biofilm breeding ground
  • Eventually the biofilm will die, too
  • Improve the operating efficiency and life cycle of process infrastructure and equipment SHORT

  • The combined reduction of water, chemical and energy costs is enough to pay for the Triangular Wave System in as little as 9 to 18 months
  • With the Triangular WaveTreatment, the systems can run at higher concentration ratios, meaning the amount of water removed as blowdown and the corresponding sewer charges are greatly reduced.

TWT treatment equipment is a reusable investment and retains its value – if you move your facility or reengineer your plumbing system, TWT equipment moves with you.
  • With no chemicals being added, the requirements for pretreatment of blow down are eliminated
  • One time cost vs. recurring monthly chemical=better profit margin
  • Labor costs for maintaining the systems will be reduced
  • Labor costs to clean the vessel surfaces will be reduced
  • Costs to replace corroded parts like heat exchanger tube bundles, etc. will be reduced.
  • Less downtime for equipment repairs an maintenance=increased production
  • The Triangular Wave System requires little or no maintenance
  • There is little electrical current flow through the electromagnetic system
  • Reduces energy costs use through improved heat transfer efficiency
  • Increased heat transfer from non-scaled tube surfaces=significant energy savings
  • Easy interface with facility management hardware and software systems for centralized management

Benefits for Cooling & Heating Applications

The constant battle of monitoring cooling and heating systems will become a thing of the past. Balancing the water chemistry on a daily or weekly basis is not necessary with the Triangular Wave System. Cleaning of the systems will be much easier, involving a pressure wash one or two times per year, rather than extensive manual brushing and acid washing. When water systems are clean and free of deposits, heat transfer is at its most efficient. Scale and biofilm are great insulators, that are eliminated. Also scale buildup in pipes creates increased roughness and reduced flow area. Clean pipes mean less energy is needed to drive the pumps.

Energy costs may be reduced by up to 30%. Many municipal sewer agencies penalize and charge fees to users, because their blowdown contains hazardous chemicals, which the agencies must treat. Without chemicals in the blowdown, those fees can be avoided.

Unpolluted discharge from blowdown and bleed= environmental compliance. The workplace is safer, because the staff is not handling toxic chemicals.

Cooling and heating systems are large investments that need to be protected. The Triangular Wave System reduces corrosion, deposits, and harmful chemicals, all of which allow the equipment to meet or exceed life cycle expectations.

Treatment for Existing & New Equipment

Installed along with new and existing equipment to improve its operating efficiency and life cycle. TWT Deposit Control Systems enhance other treatment technologies as well, including chemicals, separators, ozone, ultraviolet, and other filtration systems, keeping them clean and enhancing their operation. In this way, their full treatment benefits are realized, with reduced maintenance.

Energy Savings Mechanism

The primary energy savings result from a decrease in energy consumption in heating or cooling applications. This savings is associated with the prevention or removal of scale build-up on a heat exchange surface where even a thin film (1/32" o r 0.8mm) can increase energy consumption by nearly 10%. Examples of savings resulting from the removal of calcium-magnesium scales are shown in table. A secondary energy savings can be attributed to reducing the pump load, or system pressure, required to move the water through scale-free, unrestricted piping.

Specializing in:
  • Chemical-Free Deposit Control Products & Systems
  • Improving Operating Efficiency & Life Cycle of Equipment
  • Control Scale Deposits/Bacteria/Corrosion/Algae and Colloids in Pipes, Fixtures and Equipment
  • Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems / Ionization Purification Systems
  • Pre & Post Water Filtration Products
  • Custom System Design & Integration to Create Solutions For Your Own Industry-Specific Situation
  • Value Added & Retrofit Programs
  • Energy & Water Savings

Applications: Commercial • Industrial • Residential
  • Cooling Towers • Heat Exchangers • Condensers & Chillers
  • Food Processing Equipment • Swimming Pools & Spas
  • Manufacturing Processing Equipment • Agriculture • Laundry
  • Boilers /Water Heaters • Small Water-Fed Appliances
  • Residential/Office Plumbing • Spray Systems
  • Medical/Dental Laboratory • Car Wash
  • And All Other Water And Fluid-Based Industries

TWT® is your simple and safe solution! Hard water problems solved easily
  • Reduces Soap Scum and Improves Lather of Soap
  • Reduces Detergent and Soap Use
  • Reduces Effects of Hard Water on Skin and Clothes
  • Removes Existing Scale on Heat Exchangers over Ti me, Which Improves Heat Transfer for Greater Efficiency
  • Control Scale and Bio-fouling in all Hot Water Heaters
  • Non-Polluting / Environmentally Safe
  • Performance Durability and Guaranteed
  • Cost Effective (pays for itself)

Microprocessor Based Technology for all Commercial/Industrial Applications
  • Cooling Towers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Condensers and Chillers
  • Commercial Irrigation
  • Swimming Pools
  • Public/Private Display Water Fountains
  • Boilers
  • Water Heaters
  • Food Processing Equipment

  • All Fluid Based Applications
  • Controls Algae and Bacteria

Without bio-film to house and protect it, biological growth cannot feed or reproduce, resulting in greatly reduced biological activity
  • Reduces Corrosion
  • Reduces or Eliminates the use of Dangerous Toxic Chemicals
  • Improve Operating efficiency And Life Cycle of Equipment

Highly Cost Effective:
  • Savings in maintenance include reduced cleaning, monitoring, and chemical costs.
  • Savings in maintenance such as cleaning, monitoring and adding chemicals are greatly reduced.
  • Savings in electrical expenses, due to cleaner system components and better heat transfer, can also be significant.
  • Protects expensive capital equipment; cleaner systems, with less chemicals added, will operate more efficiently, and will have a longer working life.
  • Operating costs of Triangularwave Systems are very small and the systems require no maintenance.
  • Non-hazardous blowdown means no treatment and no discharge permits required.

When TWT systems are properly installed, the effects of the Triangularwave treatment last downstream. The treated fluid maintains the ability to control deposits throughout the system

In effect, a clean, corrosion-free delivery system is restored and maintained in an environmentally safe and chemical-free manner. The result is clean pipes and tubing with no biofilm and reduced bacterial contamination.