Transportable Solar System

Transportable Solar System

SKU : TWT-SP-250-4

Size: 32" x 30" X 55"
Weight: 200 lbs
Heavy duty water treatment system
Solar powered panels (maintenance free)
System battery pack (maintenance free)
Staged filtration: Sediment, carbon and other
filter cartridge replacements
Ultra violet disinfection & purification
DC water pump (for deep well applications)
Rated flow: 4 GPM
3.0 hours sun powered run time=approx. 720 gallon output
8.0 hours charged battery pack, solar power run time=
approx. 1920 gallons per day
Initial UV dose at rated flow: 38 mj/cm2 (38,000 uwsec/cm2)
Electrical: 12 volt solar power pack/panel-solar panel-55W

Call for Quote: US (800) 728-3420 Int. (201) 750-1063

Please call us at (800) 728-3420 if you need help determining the appropriate system for your application.

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