Water Report

Why Test Your Water?

Although the testing approach may seem bothersome, it is like a good routine physical by a health-care specialist. Avoiding this step is to assume that “what you don’t know won’t hurt you.” Sorry, but it will! Avoiding the truth may result in health problems and costly repairs to your plumbing system and other fluid fed equipment (protect your investment).

Water contamination can have a negative affect on water-fed equipment and on the health of your family. The affects may be immediate or long term and include everything from ruined equipment, stomach aches to serious long-term health problems.

A US Geological survey found that 70% of private wells were contaminated. The United States Environment Protection agency (USEPA) recommends that you test for a minimum of coliform bacteria, nitrate and lead, even if you have public water.

Periodically Re-test and Evaluate Performance

Simply owning a water treatment system does not guarantee that your water will be safe forever. In addition to monitoring your system and providing for replacement of products and/or parts, you also need to periodically test and re-evaluate the quality of the water coming into and going out of your system to determine if changes and /or upgrades are needed. The ultimate responsibility is yours (know what’s happening in your neighborhood).

Selecting a Treatment System for Your Needs

A comprehensive approach to selecting a fluid treatment system includes:

  • Testing your water or fluid to determine the specific problems in it and in your area
  • Selecting the system and/or components of a system that will solve these problems
  • Installing and monitoring your system (retrofit or new)
  • Periodically re-testing to insure that you are maintaining the treatment system correctly and that your old problems are being treated and controlled, and that new problems have not developed.

Recommended Testing Procedure

Water testing can be a complicated process. However, working with Water Test America they make it simple. They start by testing your water for most common indicators of contamination. If they find any indicators, they can recommend further testing to help identify a specific problem. Once the problem is identified, they recommend a way to fix the problem. (They do not sell water treatment or endorse one brand over another, they simply give you information so you can make an educated purchase)

Contact Water Test America

(1-800-433-6595 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-800-433-6595      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or www.h2otest.com)

  1. Mention “TWT010” to receive discount pricing
  2. Discuss your water testing needs
  3. Order Health Guard kit(s)
  4. Kit(s) come complete with easy to follow instructions, including sample bottles
  5. Take water samples following the easy to use instructions
  6. Put the samples in the enclosed return shipping pack
  7. When samples are received, at Water Test America they analyze the samples and send you the report
  8. A copy of the report will be sent to TWT, Inc. TWT engineering staff will review the report, TWT or your distributor will contact you to discuss the appropriate treatment products, systems and installation for your specific needs

Why Use Water Test America?

Water Test America is a nationally recognized, independent lab specializing in water testing since 1963. While other labs are mainly interested in large accounts, they take the time to help individual customers as well. The sampling packages are designed to be as easy to use as possible. The reports are designed to be understandable and they offer technical assistance to ALL of their customers.

Accurate Results – Their rigorous Quality Control Program ensures accurate results.

Reliability – Well trained laboratory technicians perform the analysis and verify the results. In-home or facility testing cannot begin to provide results with a level of accuracy and reliability comparable to laboratory testing.

Safety – While certain in-home or facility testing procedures exist, Water testing is best done in a laboratory. Water Test America have the proper facility, expertise, and equipment to perform these analyses in a safe manner.

What Should You Test For?

Water analysis must be done in steps; you have to determine what you want to test for, then test for it. As a starting point USEPA recommends that everyone, even people using public water test for a minimum of: Coliform Bacteria, Nitrate & Lead

The Health Guard 2 package includes these contaminates as well as several other commonly found contaminants. If you are concerned about the safety of your water, you may want to test for more contaminants. If you have a specific problem or concern call the technical assistance line at 610-929-2920 and a laboratory technician will be pleased to work closely with you to determine the optimal Health Guard Kit for your specific needs.